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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Phil Spector

First and foremost a life has been tragically lost and the circumstances will probably never be known. There will be pages and pages written about Phil Spector and great glee will be taken with lurid tabloid headlines will will do nothing to convince us either way about his guilt or innocence. I have seen some excellent blog and comments about this subject and no doubt you will have too but I cannot resist copying this quote from Mike Scott of The Waterboys

So Spector goes down and papers are all saying "his legacy is forever tarnished' etc etc, the usual nonsense....A man can be a mad egotist killer and also produce something as beautiful and child-like as Happy Xmas/War Is Over and the one does not undo the magic and genius of the other. So Spector...brilliant genius and pitiful killer. Both.

This is a music Blog and I simply do not know if radio stations will continue to play the muisc he was involved with or not. A very well known star who was involved but not convicted of at very least dubious practices continues to be played, to me shamefully, the loss of Paul gadds music was no big deal, Spectors would be a loss to us all.

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