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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bonnie Prince Billy

I have always been somewhat intimated by the whole Bonnie Prince Billy / Will Oldham / Palace music etc. that Will Oldham has used to publish his music. On reading reviews it seems that some albums are fantastic and some dreadful. I really did not know where to start until Ricky Ross recommended his Beware album on last weeks Another Country blog. Again it is an album cover which would not draw the casual listener in...
However I have to say having taking the plunge at the weekend and bought the album it is absolutely fantastic. It is a full production number despite the strak sleeve, full of choirs, country, pedal steel and excellent production. Harvest Moon hitting Tonight's The Night head on perhaps.....
Ongoing minor grumble - a digital code to enable putting the lp on my zen would have been good (dont know why these are not provided for vinyl purchasers)

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