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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tutti Frutti - Released At Last

Without doubt one of the best programmes to come out of Scotland the magnificent Tutti Frutti has long last been released on DVD by the BBC. I think there were a load of legal problems around the release being sanctioned but thankfully these have been resolved.

The acting and the script are just wonderful and combines great (Scottish/Glasgow) humours and rock'n'roll, can't get much better!

Basically the BBC description of this show sums it up: "This was a corking comedy-drama featuring dazzling Decalogue and all-round knock-out performances. Robbie Coltrane was particularly outstanding as the rotund but sexy Danny, and Emma Thompson was appealing as the sharp, strong and independent Suzi. Their romance was played out against a background of funny, dramatic and touching scenes depicting a band, well past its best-by date, suddenly finding a new lease of life. Adding to the heady brew was Richard Wilson as the Majestics' hilariously dour manager Eddie (almost a prototype Victor Meldrew), and Katy Murphy as his lippy secretary Janis Toner. A joy."

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