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Friday, 31 July 2009

Forgotten album Friday #7 - Shawn Colvin Cover Girl

Shawn Colvin is a horribly under-rated artist. She has some fantastic material of her own of course but I think she is a wonderful interpreter of other people songs, especially some of the Americana classics like Steve Earle's Fearless Heart. Apart from the cover of Sting's ghastly Every Little Thing....this is a fantastic album with every song worth hearing, lovely vocals, stunning harmonies and beautiful playing and production.

Many of these songs are live and the recording quality is astounding. The quality of the songs is tremendous music and the album notes that Shawn picked the songs very carefully. This album is pure emotion, talent, a stool, a guitar...and with the voice to carry it off.

If you get the chance check out the Cd ep's from this time with some brilliant live tracks, some including Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Key Tracks:

One Cool Remove (with MCC)
Looking for The Heart of Saturday Night
Killing The Blues


  1. I'm a huge fan of Shawn Colvin, Norm. You could have chosen any track off this album as being "key"......Twilight does it for me, every time.
    If you have the 09 live album you'll know what I mean.....good choice here.

  2. Hi Norrie, Just been on the Ricky Ross Blog and recognised your name having heard it read out on the Iian Anderson show mant times. I've been a longtime fan on MCC and Shawn Colvin. Saw then once in London as a double billing. Mary Chapin got me hooked on Country Music in 1992. Her music helped me with the loss of my mother. She has never written a bad song yet.

  3. andy - thanks for popping by! Nice comment.