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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Justin Rutledge - Man Descending

Yet again I am indebted to my friend Michael for pointing me in the direction of an absolutely outstanding album by an artist who I don't recall hearing of (but Michael will have pointed him out to me before).

Justin Rutledge I know very little of but can tell you that if you like Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, Ron Sexsmith, Josh Ritter and maybe even Justin Currie............you will simply love this awesome album called Man Descending.

Key tracks for me on what is to be fair a weekend on which I have bought or been given some excellent music:

St Peter

Greenwich Time

Honey Houses

I hope to update this post shortly.....but in the meantime the Amazon blurb is:

"Continuing his quest to infuse country music with his love for the literary world, Justin Rutledge returns with his third album, a collection of songs that focus on the quieter, darker spaces in between our everyday lives. Inspired by the 1982 book by Guy Vanderhaeghe, the album follows ten characters down certain half-deserted avenues of their lives where they encounter alternate sides of themselves of which they are relatively unfamiliar. As each character re-evaluates their lot in life, the songs tend to function as questions rather than answers. Rutledge's debut album, No Never Alone, was released to critical acclaim in the UK and Canada and his second The Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park), was released to equal acclaim, including a Juno nomination, the Galaxie Rising Star Award at the Edmonton Folk Festival, and a tip of the hat from Toronto's NOW Magazine, who hailed Rutledge as the best Toronto songwriter of 2006."

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  1. Glad you liked it! He has an even better back catalogue for you to explore, once you have saved your pennies after your Springsteen excesses.