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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Springsteen Hampden

Well that is that. My mini Boss tour of Europe is over and what a high to end on after the shows in Munich and Dublin with a fantastic set at Hampden Park in Glasgow. I was a wee bit apprehensive as I have been talking up Bruce and the Band for 30 odd years to anyone who would listen, and frankly a few who did not care to! The greatest live act in the world I claimed and with about 40 friend s, relatives and colleagues in the audience this was the moment. Would they Bomb!!! Not a chance.

The Hampden roar greeted the Band as Nils Lofgren started the set with Flower of Scotland on the accordion before blistering renditions of Badlands, Out In The Street and Shes The One. It has been amazing to see Outlaw Pete performed on this tour as it has quickly become a live classic (it has to be said praise for this song has not been universal following the release of WOAD)and tonight the reception was again amazing from the audience. More great tracks were greeted with growing rapture from the crowd and the "requests" section brought the highlight of the night for the long time fans with Incident on 57Th Street, for most of us the first time having heard this masterpiece live. Loved it.

By the time of the encores Hampden was literally jumping. Great review in the Glasgow Herald from which I borrow:

"This was not, however, a crowd that simply cared for the hits and headed for the bar during more obscure numbers. Nearly every song was greeted with wild approval, and you suspect that even if his on-stage entrance hadn't been to Flower of Scotland, the adulation would have remained. A glance across the throng saw both Saltires and Stars and Stripes being held aloft, while everyone from fresh-faced children and teenagers in heavy metal t-shirts mingled with stern-faced veterans of tours gone by, who nodded their head from time to time.

By the time a swelling version of the Rising licked in, arms were being punched by everyone, regardless of age. Even the seated sections were soon on their feet, carried along by the over-riding sense that this was music to live life to the full to, reservations about looking silly while dancing be damned."

The set list as follows:

[Nils solo accordion intro Flower of Scotland]
Out in the Street
My Lucky Day
She's the One
Outlaw Pete
Working on the Highway
Working on a Dream
Seeds Johnny 99
Atlantic City
Raise Your Hand (instrumental, Bruce collects signs)
Incident on 57th Street
Pink Cadillac
Cover Me
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Promised Land
The River
Kingdom of Days
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born to Run

Hard Times
Thunder Road
American Land (with Sons)
Bobby Jean
Dancing in the Dark
Twist and Shout

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