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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Roxy Music - Glasgow Second Night

I was lucky enough to get more or less front row tickets for the second night in Glasgow of Roxy Musics For Your Pleasure Tour.

I was not quite sure how good this gig would be but have to say the whole show was simply outstanding. The band were absolutely superb, Ferry is certainly wearing well and Manzanera and McKay showed what outstanding musicians they are.

A strong set list drawing on less obvious material and a good smattering of the hits. I even enjoyed Jealous Guy which normally makes my skin crawl.

The set list:

The Main Thing
Street Life
If There Is Something 
Prairie Rose
Just Like You
Like A Hurricane
Bitter Sweet
Sentimental Fool
To Turn You On
Same Old Scene
My Only Love
Jealous Guy
Virginia Plain
Love Is The Drug
Editions Of You
Do The Strand
For Your Pleasure

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