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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Love and Money, Celtic Connections, Love & Money

Love and Money performed a sell out one off reunion show at GRCH on Sunday night and we were lucky enough to have superb seats. I have tried to track down a recent review but without luck....someone has posted this clip on youtube and I hope they don't mind me including it here.

The setlist was :

My Love Lives in a Dead House
Sometimes I Want to Give Up
Cheap Pearls
Pappa Death
Johnny's Not Here
Whisky Dream
Lips Like Ether
Looking for Angeline
You're Not The Only One

Axis of Love
Walk the Last Mile
Jocelyn Square
Shape of Things to Come
Strange Kind of Love
Up Escalator (with Graeme Skinner)
Hallelujah Man (with Graeme Skinner)

Candybar Express (with Graeme Skinner)

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