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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Celtic Connections - Justin Currie ABC

Another great gig on Friday 21st at Glasgow ABC where Justin Currie was the headline act.

Fronting a full band Justin was in absolutely superb form and performed the majority of the new album The Great War and a healthy smattering of classic Del Amitri Tracks. A very minor grumble from me was the lack of material from the first solo album with the exception of No, Surrender.

Hopefully someone will post some clips that I can link to, in the meantime an approximation of the set list:

Ready To Be
Cant let Go Of Her Now
Just Like A Man
As Long As You Don't Come Back
Anywhere I'm Away From You
If I Want You
At Home inside of me
Always The Last To Know
Sleep Instead Of Teardrops (new song?)
A man With Nothing To Do
Everyone I Love
Move away Jimmy Blue
Not Where it's At
The Fight To Be human


Here And Now
Ain't I A Lucky Guy (new song?)
No, Surrender
Be My Downfall

And a correction! Thanks to "Anonymous" Nothing Ever Happens was played after No, Surrender. many thanks!


  1. Not sure but it sounds as though it might be lucky guy from some other suckers parade, thanks for the review

  2. It could have been that track, I'll need to check out the lp!

    Thanks very much for commenting.

  3. Yeah Norrie...Lucky Guy is from Some Other Sucker's Parade....Sleep Instead of Teardrops is on the "Greatest Hits" album "Lousy with Love" the B-sides....one for your collection if you haven't got it...some excellent lesser known Dels stuff there. Glad Justin's in good voice....I'm going to post up a video of him soon...tell me what you think.

  4. Thanks as always Faither! I've got those cd's but need to polish up clearly! Look forward to seeing your Justin clip!

  5. You forgot Nothing Ever Happens :-)

  6. You forgot Nothing Ever Happens :-)

  7. Crikey so I did! Thanks for that! And thanks for popping bye!