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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Springsteen Tour 2011 / 2012

Update! 18/03/2011

the word is now a springsteen Solo album this summer, toured, then a E Street tour and possible album.

In the meantime April 16th record store day is next up!

I hear a strong rumour of a stripped down band (Darkness Era) and Arenas only commencing in March 2011 Australia, moving to Europe and then the States.

Watch many spaces......

First updated information:

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band will perform tracks from the Promise live in Asbusry Park on 7th December. Not a gig as (for a future webcast) such but it is of note they are rehearsing material and that this will also be in front of a small live audience....

Second Update:

A very small audience was invited inside to watch the loive performnace of songs from the Promise.  They were mostly contest winners who entered a drawing through the Springsteen fanzine "Backstreets." David Lindley and Charlie Giordano joined the E Street Band 78 line up (no Suzie, Nils or Patti)

Songs played in front of the audience for the taping:

1. Racing In the Street (1978 version)

2. Gotta Get That Feeling

3. Outside Looking In

4. One Way Street

5. Come On (Let's Go Tonight).

6. Save My Love

7. The Brokenhearted

8. Ain't Good Enough for You

9. The Promise

10. Talk To Me

11. Blue Christmas

also rehearsed Candys Boy.

Update 2: January 14, 2011

The legendary icon of American rock music Bruce Springsteen could be coming to Zagreb’s Maksimir stadium this year. The Croatian news website Dalje lists the singer’s still unconfirmed arrival as one of the main events to look forward to this year.

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  1. Which if you were there in Belfast Oddessy for the Magic Tour you will welcome!!