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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Promise Box Set - Has arrived! First thoughts

What a stunning set! I cannot believe the quality of this and certainly well worth the £80 or so you can expect to pay.

I have only done a quick skim through the 21 unreleased tracks and don't really plan to do a big break down track by track as they are pretty much what you would expect - some sound like they would be ideal on a Roy Orbison lp and others would have made great additions to Southside or Gary US Bonds lp's that some of this (and the tracks material) surfaced on. There are some absolute gems over the two cd's and as you can imagine there is the odd track or two that makes you double take being almost familiar but not quite (as an example the opening line in Spanish Eyes being later reworked in I'm On Fire, and the initial write of Factory which is C'mon Let's Go Tonight, the line The Man on The Radio Says Elvis Presley dies which turned up much later in a b side).

Certainly well worthy of release but there is no doubt that the original Darkness lp got the track listing spot on.

Like most people the bits I am looking most forward to are the DVD sections and in particular the live 1978 set. I will write a note on these when I get the chance.

Essential listening:

Racing In the Street ('78)
The Brokenhearted
Save my Love
Wrong side Of The Street
Spanish Eyes
Cmon (Lets Go Tonight)
The Promise
City Of Night

and the hidden track

The Way

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