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Friday, 9 October 2009

Forgotten Album Friday #10 - Del Amitri, Can You Do Me Good

I was reminded of the brilliance of this album, thanks to a post by Radio Nowhere.

This album is a real pre-cursor, I think, to Justin Curries solo album. Not only that I think this is as good as anything Del Amitri produced, and yet it bombed! Right at the time they were needing some commercial success.

Can You Do Me Good was a real step forward for the band both in the quality of material and the feel of the record. The production gives the album a really good modern sound, using loops, drum machines and assorted effects as a counterpoint to the bands rock edge.

Curries lyrics as ever are caustic, witty and observant. I found this great listener review on amazon:

The songs gradually grow on you and plant themselves in your head. The opener, "Just before you Leave" carries on where "Cry to be Found" left off - shimmering strings and wonderful vocals from Justin Currie, it's a peach of a song and is how songs really should be - soulful, heartfelt and, hey! call me a traditionalist, tuneful.
There are some great songs which follow on - "Buttons on My Clothes" could be perceived as just another "oh no, she's gone and left me" kinda song but a real sense of loss is portrayed in the song and, if there was any justice in this world, it would be a number one single...but we all know that ain't ever gonna happen.
"Wash Her Away"'s riff is as rough as the sentiments in the song. "Out Falls the Past" is simple and brilliant. And as for the closer, "Just Getting By", it's another example of the Dels knack of writing a song which can tug at your heart strings and make you feel good about life all at the same time. Justin's vocals on this song alone are worth the price of the album. Yes, Robbie would kill for this song!

This album can do you a great deal of good!

Key tracks:

Drunk In A Band
Just Before You Leave
Buttons On My Clothes
Just Getting Bye

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