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Friday, 2 October 2009

Forgotten Album Friday #9 - Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith, Evidence

I hope anyone popping by here will know quite a bit about former Bible lead man Boo Hewerdine and his solo work and also his collaborations with many different folky artists. This album is probably less known and Boo collaborates with Darden Smith Austin, Texas, an altogether grittier country artist.

Cut live in fourteen days with a group of musicians which included guitarist Sonny Landreth of John Hiatt's Goners – Evidence is a brilliant mix of British folky pop and Americana. It works. Evidence is probably my favourite Boo track and he really pushes himself hitting the words of disappointment and betrayal as if he reall was in the middle of these emotions. The same can be said for the desire that drips from Smith's roughshod drawl on "All I Want (Is Everything),".

Again an album which focuses on lost love, betrayal and regret. It is probably a bit of a dark album but an absolute favourite of mine. If you are a fan of either artist check this out!



Key tracks:

All I Wants Is Everything
Remind Me (A Little of You)
Who, What, Where and Why?


  1. I have to agree with you on this one, but you know that already. Having followed the Bible previously, this was my introduction to Darden Smith. There are a few more collaborations on Darden's subsequent solo albums, which are all worth checking out too.

    "M&Ms?, What are you on about?"...(I'll let Norm explain!)

  2. Ah! I had hope to gloss over that. Mr Hewerdine asking the two of us why we were at all his Scottish gigs shouting M&M's at him! Evidence! Evidence boo!!

  3. Hewerdine always seems to be around good things doesn't he; like the Woomble, Drever, McCusker thing and the Eddi Reader collaborations....I just can't get into him ( if you'll pardon that expression)...I'm willing to be convinced of his greatness though.

    I'd say I prefer Clive Gregson but I don't mean to start comparisons here....that would be daft....they're pretty different.

    I liked "sing to me" if that helps.