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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Springsteen hits 60

well can't let it pass without a wee comment. Amazing to think he is 60 with the energy and committment he is still putting into his shows. I accept that WOAD is not his best album but Magic is up there and he is still producing great work.

A couple of clips in celebration:


  1. I kinda like "Working On A Dream". It's my 16 year old daughter's "Go To" album at the moment and has set her listening to more of the Boss's supreme work...so it must have something.
    Strangely I'm hooked on "Queen Of The Supermarket" which should fail on all levels if you ponder it....for me it just works....can't explain. "Outlaw Pete" and "Life Itself" are worthy of a shout too...great tracks, both.

  2. Thanks once again for taking the time to post a comment! I do agree with you and would add in Last Carnival, Kingdom of days and The Wrestler, as a minimum, as outstanding tracks....I think I was a wee bit guilty of pandering to popular opinion in my OP!