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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gene Clark, Iain Anderson Show - Lyric of The Week

last week the lyric set was:

"If the falling tide
Can turn and then recover
All alone we must
Be part of one another"

It is of course from the magnificent title track to Gene Clark's No Other Album. i am glad they took up my suggestion as cunningly of course Iain played the track! Hurrah.

Whilst thinking about the Gene Clark album I saw that Soulsavers were playing Some Misunderstanding in the encore to their recent live set which would be great to hear. I also came across a great review by David Bennun of the No Other lp which had the following great piece:

"How could a record this good, this gorgeous, this inspired exist for almost 20 years without you even having heard of it? You, who know so much about pop music that people are prepared to give you money to air your opinions. Derisory sums of money, it's true, but what the heck, you'd pay to do it if you had to. Not for the first nor last time, it occurs to you that maybe you're not as well-informed as you might have thought. Maybe you are, in fact, an ignorant slob. But you're an ignorant slob who knows out-and-out magnificence when you hear it. By the end of the journey, you're on your third play of No Other and (this is truly a first) you don't want the train ride to end. You are as close to being happy as you will ever be on your own at six o'clock in the morning."

you can read the rest of his article and many other good pieces by him here:


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