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Friday, 18 September 2009

Forgotten Album Friday #8 - Pete Townsend, All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes

Not my normal kind of thing, I suppose, but I have always been a huge Who fan and a great admirer of Pete Townsend.

This album was release, I think between the Who's Face Dances and It's Hard. It is completely different than those albums with much more of an 80's pop / synth feel to it. Throughout the album Pete is clearly very introspected especially on the absolute key track The Sea Refuses No River.

This is far from Pete's best work....but that is not always the point!!

The eagle eared among you may spot the future Big Country Rhythm section of Mark Breziki and Tony Butler in brilliant form throughout this album.

Key tracks

The Sea Refuses No River
Slit Skirts
Somebody Saved Me
Face Dances Pt.2

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