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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Make Mine a Double # 2 - Born In The USA

I have been tempted to tackle a River1 lp or even harder Darkness as 2lp set.. ..not an easy task but I will give it a go at some point. Darkness in my view is an unbeatable single lp and it is amazing that "the boss" distilled down the wealth of superb material to form that one single document of those 2 year sessions...

So lets tackle the 83 - 84 recordings that formed the breakthrough. I think, but you need to check this out yourself, that Springsteen has officially released 32 tracks from the Born In The USA Sessions. Given that they numbered over 80 we should be expecting a deluxe re-issue sometime soon. Here is my take on the double lp that would have formed Born In The USA

Side 1
Born In The USA
Johnny Bye Bye
Shut Out The Light
My Hometown
Brothers Under The Bridges

Side 2
Murder Incorporated
Bobby Jean
Dancing In The Dark
Janey Don't You Lose Heart

Side 3
Man At The Top
Light Of Day
Follow That Dream*
I'm On Fire

Side 4
Dancing In The Dark
Cover Me
I'm Going Down
No Surrender
This Hard Land

Even as I type and excuse the indulgence of the * tracks which are of course yet to be released., what a double lp. Man at The Top and Sugarland share the same music (roughly) and this is deliberate on my part. I have excluded the Gary US Bonds sessions around this time although I have to say On The Line at the very least would be a strong contender. I have included that below, great track.


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