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Friday, 2 May 2014

Forgotten Album Friday #26 Jackson Browne - I'm Alive

This 1993 album is an absolute stunning piece of work by Jackson Browne but probably overlooked somewhat because of the classic albums Late For The Sky, For Everyman, The Pretender and Running On Empty. To my mind I'm Alive is the equal of that great body of work.

Lucky for us and pity for Jackson but it follows a down period in his personal life which always leads him to those wonderful songs of love, sorrow, regret and maybe a wee piece of redemption. It certainly came at the time as quite a departure from the political albums which immediately preceded it.

The opener and title track  "I'm Alive" sets the scene and tone of the album both musically and lyrically- "now I'm rolling down California 5/with your laughter in my head/gonna have to block it out somehow to survive/cos those dreams are dead, but I'm alive".

There are many great tracks on the album but the real high water mark is the stunning Sky Blue and Black.  In one track he pulls together love, longing, regret and hope for redemption. It is an absolute classic.

Key tracks

I'm Alive
My Problem Is You
Too Many Angels
Sky Blue and Black
Two of Me, Tow Of You

Sky Blue and Black

I'm Alive

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