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Friday, 29 October 2010

Forgotten album Friday #16 - Iris deMent The Way I should

I am note sure how familiar you will be with Iris DeMent and I think her albums might be a wee bit of an acquired taste, no matter she is an excellent songwriter and performer who got great acclaim for her first two albums Infamous Angel and the Grammy nominated My Life, both of which are pretty firmly in the Country end of Americana.

Both of those albums I would highly recommend.

For her third album Iris went for a bigger sound and moved slightly away from her focus on personal relationships and living in a small town and its values to look outwards dealing with big issues like corporate greed, Vietnam, child abuse and poverty. The album is much bigger in its sound as well with an almost rock feel and pace to the album at times.

The key track on this album is without doubt the superb Wasteland of The Free which is a protest  song up there with the very best of them where Iris sears through her damming indictment of businessmen, politicians and the negative influences on youth. John Jennings who you may know through his work with mary Chapin Carpenter is on outstanding form omn this track. Another cracker is the title track which features nice guitar work from Mark Knopfler.

Elsewhere Iris does not lose her touch of connecting with simple emotional songs and her quiet personal faith on songs like When My Morning Comes Around and I'll Take My Sorrow Straight.

A highly recommended lp.

Key tracks:

When My Morning Comes Around
Theres a Wall In Washington
Wasteland of the Free
The Way I Should
Walkin Home

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  1. I love Iris....what a voice...makes my spine tingle.

    Showcased here...

    My favourite song by her.

    I also love her duet with Steve Earle on his collaborative album "The Mountain" with the Del McCoury Band...."I'm Still In Love With You".......heartbreaking man.

    Thanks for posting her up Norrie she deserves all the publicity she can get.