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Friday, 8 October 2010

Forgotten album Friday #14 Steve Forbert - The Streets of This Town

This album was released in 1988 by which time Steve's career seemed in a bit of a hiatus and he had not had a release for about 6years. As a result this fine album was pretty much overlooked on its release which is a great shame as it contains some of his finest work.

I don't know much about the band that play on the album but the production is by Gary W Tallent and he had obviously picked up a few tips while working on the Springsteen sessions as the album sounds fantastic and the sometimes fairly sparse sound of Forbert is fleshed out with a fuller band sound. Tallent does not opt for dropping in fellow E Street Band members on the record and I think that is a good thing. Only two cameos - Nils Lofgren plays guitar on Wait A Little Longer and former E Streeter Ernest "Boom" Carter adds a bit of percussion to Don't Tell Me.

From the wonderfully  optimistic opener "Running On Love", to the rockin' urgency of "Don't Tell Me (I Know)", the nostalgia of "I Blinked Once", to the bleak border tale of "Mexico", to the pop sounds of "On The Streets Of This Town" and "Perfect Stranger", to the perfectly-placed penultimate cut "Wait A Little Longer", to the nice closer "Search Your Heart" -- this is Forbert's finest hour, from start to finish. 

Key tracks

Running On Love
On The Streets of This Town
Wait A Little Longer

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