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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Richard Ashcroft - RPA & The United Nations of Sound

I have had this album for a few weeks now and it is sounding better and better to my ears. Oddly I am not a huge Verve fan, bar the obvious big singles, and think that Richard Ashcroft's solo work is much superior.

It is, despite to hoopla about the hip hop influences, much as you would expect from Ashcroft but the quality of songs, playing from a superb band and the amount of energy in the record really deliver.

The lead single you will have heard I am sure with a video directed by former Skids front man Richard Jobson:

Key tracks are Are You Ready , Born Again , Americaright , She Brings Me The Music , Glory,and Let My Soul Rest.

Best of all is the Sweet Jane absolute rip off track called Royal Highness - it's plagiarism but it is good. The guitarist even nicks a bit of the extended intro from Lou's Live rendition on Rock n Roll Animal! Check out a live version here and try and not sing Sweet Jane!

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