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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Forgotten Album Friday #4, Lou Reed - The Blue Mask

For even a casual listener of Lou Reed this is a simply stunning album with moments of raw power and a jagged edgy sound to match lyrics which are visceral and personal. It comes at the end of a really fallow period for Lou Reed and he had been dropped by Arista. His somehat infamous advert for Honda Scooters got him the funds to get an incredible band together with Robert Quine (Richard Hell & The Voidoids), Fernando Saunders and Fred Maher providing fantastic backing with no overdubs. The result was his best album since Berlin and was not equalled until New York. Rober Quine later played on Lloyd Coles first solo album which Fred Maher produced following the latters stint on Drums to the follow up Legendary Hearts.

Key tracks:

My House
The Blue Mask
Average Guy
Waves of Fear
The Day John Kennedy Died

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