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Friday, 12 June 2009

Forgotten Album Friday #2 Lone Justice - Lone Justice

For me this is the album where the Country / Country rock, call it whatever you will, started. The album was released in 1985 when you may recall the diet was a pretty standard one of soft rock and synth pop. If you think of the artists that were present at Live aid you will pretty much get the idea.

This album was raw, edgy and has elements of straight rock, country, country folk etc etc. Since this album Maria McKee has of course gained a rightful reputation as a great songwriter although she has sole writing credit on only one song. The lead single was Ways to be Wicked written by Tom Petty and there were contributions from Little Steven and Bryan McLean as well.

If you like her solo material try this - I don't think she beat it.

Key tracks

Ways To Be Wicked
Dont Toss Us away
You Are The Light
Sweet Sweet Baby (I'm falling)

here is a clip from the OGWT


  1. I remember borrowing this from my cousin, he also had all the Fleetwood Mac albums and we spent many hours watching the concert videos while he commented at lengths on how gorgeous Steve Nicks was!! Maria McKee was also a favourite! Then his brother introduced me to The Smiths...
    sabine x

  2. Thanks Sabine!!

    Your Cousin has taste!