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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Great Jayhawks re-issues on the way.

UPDATE: This album now in the shops!

For fans of The Jayhawks or Gary Lourdis Mark Olson I am delighted to shamelesly pinch this from Addicted To Vinyl:

Let’s start with the anthology, which will be available as both a single disc issue, and the 2 CD version which will have a 2nd CD full of 20 rare and unreleased tracks starting with a track from the band’s long out-of-print debut Bunkhouse, and wrapping up with 8 (!) tracks from the sessions for Rainy Day Music, including “Help Me Forget,".

Here is the track listing for Music From The North Country:

DISC ONE: Two Angels / Ain’t No End / Waiting for the Sun / Martin’s Song / Clouds / Settled Down Like Rain / Blue / I’d Run Away / Over My Shoulder / Miss Williams’ Guitar / Trouble / Big Star / The Man Who Loved Life / Smile / I’m Gonna Make You Love Me / What Led Me To This Town / Tailspin / All the Right Reasons / Save It For a Rainy Day / Angelyne

DISC TWO: Falling Star (from Bunkhouse Album, 1986) / Old Woman From the Red Clay (alt version) / That’s the Bag I’m In (KFAI recording) / Won’t Be Coming Home (early demo) / Stone Cold Mess (HTH outtake) / Mission on 2nd (demo) / Lights (from Sweet Relief album, a classic!) / Darling Today (Blown Away soundtrack) / Break My Mind / Get the Load Out (both “Bad Time” B-sides) / Poor Little Fish (alt version) / Someone Will (Live from Woman’s Club) / Cure for This (this and all the rest are from the band’s rehearsal studio, 1999-2001)/ I Can Make It on My Own / Rotterdam / Follow Me / In the Canyon / Tailspin (alt version) / I Think I’ve Had Enough (Louris home tape) / Help Me Forget

Reissues of Hollywood Town Hall, Tomorrow The Green Grass, Sound of Lies, Smile, and Rainy Day Music are also on the way from the band and Sony Music! There are a total of 30 bonus tracks spread across the five albums slated for reissue.

Okay, now I can grumble about the fact that the shelved Lost Highway CD issue of Bunkhouse hasn’t happened, and the double live album from the Rainy Day Music tour remains on the shelf as well. BUT - Reissues of the two classic Jayhawks albums (Hollywood and Tomorrow) AND Sound of Lies, Smile and Rainy Day Music?

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  1. Glad to have you back and hope the Norm HQ PC is behaving itself.

    I've liked the Jayhawks since Blue Earth, this bonus material looks interesting. These re-issues are costing me a small fortune!

    P.S. Something funny is happening with the address box, so I just go as "M"