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Monday, 18 May 2009

Buddy and Julie Miller - Written In Chalk

Buddy and Julie Miller have released what is I think their third album.

Most will be familiar with Buddy Miller great atmospheric and rootsy guitar playing on albums from a wide range of artists Frank Black, Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams and many many more. Similarly Julie Miller has worked on a huge body of tremendous work as a vocalist and songwriter (Enmmylou gad a great version of her All my Tears).

The new album is absolutely superb and features an excellent supporting cast including Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris and in particular Patti Griffin.

The track listing and release details are:

Buddy & Julie Miller
Written In Chalk
New West Records, 2009

1) Ellis County
2) Gasoline And Matches
3) Don't Say Goodbye
4) What You Gonna Do Leroy
5) Long Time
6) One Part, Two Part
7) Chalk
8) Everytime We Say Goodbye
9) Hush, Sorrow
10) Memphis Jane
11) June
12) The Selfishness Of Man

Thoroughly recommended listening. This wee clip gives a great flavour of the album and with some nice acoustic performances from Buddy

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  1. I almost bought this one today, but just added it to the wish list instead. Julie's solo album Broken Things is also superb, similar guest list to this one.