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Friday, 25 April 2014

Forgotten Album Friday #25 - David Bowie Hours

It may again seem a strange choice to select an album by one of the best known and most iconic figures in popular music as a Forgotten Album Friday selection. However despite a couple of cracking singles and accompanying outstanding videos this 1999 album sneaked out with very little notice. I suspect that in part it was a backlash to the immediately preceding "drum n bass" effort earthling. To be fair the latter does have a cracking cover and with hindsight a couple of good tracks:

Hours has it all though. The singles from the album are exceptional and stand up with most of Bowie's catalogue and to my ears a lot of the material harks back to Hunky Dory in style. Seven especially would have fitted somewhere between Quicksand and Bewlay Brothers quite nicely.

The album release saw Bowie playing some TV gigs, notably at the Beeb and these hinted at what could have been a great tour much in the same way as a Scary Monsters Tour would have been superb.

Key tracks:

Seven - below from the storytellers DVD
Thursdays Child  - a fantastic video
The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell

Skip the instrumental!

Sutrvive VH1 Storytellers Version

Thursdays Child - one of his best videos

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