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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Celtic Connections 2012

A somewhat belated link to this years Celtic Connections Festival. Have to admit not quite as much grabbing my, or Michaels, attention as in previous years. But there is always someone who you will want to see. Anyway here is the link and a couple of clips of acts that I will see:


Firstly a very welcome return for Steven Lindsay and The Big Dish. This promises to be a real highlight of the Festival and I would expect you need to get your tickets quickly:


Justin Currie

Billed as a co-headling show with Naomi Bedford readers of this psace will know that any Justin Currie show is a must. Intimate venie I am betting on an acoustic show, hopefully with a couple of new tracks.


and a terrible audience clip of a great song which I hope he keeps in the set:



  1. If you like Justin Currie then you should check out the World Turned Upside Down event at Celtic Connections http://www.celticconnections.com/whatson/event/118459-World-Turned-Upside-Down

    The thought alone that he might perform a Dylan song makes me want to attend this concert.

    I'm pretty sure Justin hasn't played "Buttons" since, but he still sings "Just getting by" from the sadly overlooked "Can You Do Me Good?" album.


  2. Great tip and thanks for leaving a comment, realy appreciate it. There is no doubt that "Can You D Me Good" is a wholly underrated album, I think I should return to that for my next Forgotten Album Friday!