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Friday, 19 August 2011

Forgotten Album Friday #23 - Marianne Faithful A Childs Adventure

When Marianne Faithfull released her comeback album, "Broken English", in 1979, it was widely received by the buying public and critically acclaimed as a "masterpiece". She followed that up in 1981 with "Dangerous Acquaintences" which, though not quite on the par of "Broken English", was deemed an excellent piece of music and a natural follow-up to "Broken English".

Then, in 1983, Marianne released "A Child's Adventure". Of the same musical vein and mold as "Broken English" and "Dangerous Acquaintences" these three albums are often referred to as her "Trilogy". After "A Child's Adventure", Marianne has changed musical directions several times. "A Child's Adventure" is another excellent piece of work from Marianne Faithfull.

It starts off with "Times Square", a true MF classic. The bluesy "The Blue Millionaire" is somewhat of a departure for Marianne, at least up to that point, and gives credence to Marianne as a great musical stylist. "Falling From Grace" is an excellent autobiograpical song about her drug problems/bust. The poignant "Morning Come" and "Ashes In My Hand" shows, once again, the depth of her musical range and style. "Running For Our Lives" is another MF classic and is in close running with "Times Square" as my personal favorite from the CD. Marianne Faithfull is a uniquely gifted and talented artist and song stylist.

One listen to "A Child's Adventure" and the other albums that make up her "Trilogy", and you will see for yourself. The music of Marianne Faithfull is a wonderfully diverse tapestry of folk, pop, rock, punk, show tunes, and cabaret. This one may not be "Broken English", but it is Marianne. Excellent music from a truly great artist!

Key Tracks:

Times Square
Falling From Grace
Running For Our Lives

Thanks to C60!

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