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Friday, 25 March 2011

Forgotten Album Friday #21 - Gary U.S Bonds On The Line

As Broooce has dusted off an overlooked gem from his Darkness sessions, Rendezvous, it is time to remind ourselves of the first official release of this track, and the album On The Line.

This is the second album of Gary US Bonds that Springsteen was involved with, Dedication preceding it, and this time Springsteen provides most of the songs and shares production duties with Miami Steve Van Zandt. The album is basically Gary US Bonds and the E Street band and well worth seeking out.

The album has a much more soulful feel to it and there are several standout tracks including Rendezvous,
Out Of Work and a cracking version of Soul Deep.

Key tracks:

Club Soul City

Soul Deep

Love's On The Line


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